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About Me

Time flies when you enjoy yourself

ABOUT ME!! Diana Lavers

Dogs have always been a large part of my life and I have been lucky enough to own many different breeds. About 15 years ago my job sent me to a demonstration by the Police showing the breeds of dogs they use for the various elements of their work. They were all magnificent but for me the Border Collies stood out not only for their skills but for their sheer love of life and fun.

A year later I became the very happy and excited owner of a little blue merle puppy, I called her Bluebell. We did everything together, starting with Good Citizen classes, moving on to a little bit of Working Trials and Tracking, and finally deciding that Agility was her real love in life. We trained hard and as soon as she was old enough began to compete, I joined the Shrewsbury DTC where I learned so much about the sport. We won many trophies and rosettes and over the following years three of her relations joined the family pack, they all loving the agility training and competitions.

My wonderful husband built lots of very professional standard obstacles for me, I have added to these and now have a training paddock containing all the equipment needed to train dogs for fun or competition, I even have a professional level Flyball machine.

Friends and neighbours soon started asking if they could bring their dogs to have a go and this then led to their seeking advice on best training methods. I rather timidly set up a small training service which has steadily grown and I now have over 50 owners on my list who train fairly regularly with me. Some come for one to one training, but the majority join my training groups. These are great fun and offer valuable socialisation for the dogs. The training here is very relaxed, no one ever goes home upset or feeling a failure. I find it so rewarding to see the puppies and dogs start to enjoy and understand their training, and to hear from their owners how their beloved pooches are showing great improvements in behaviour and manners.

I train all year around, my sessions last about an hour, we always start off with obedience work and go on to some sort of agility. I have equipment suitable for puppies as well as older dogs. My paddocks are completely enclosed which means that the dogs and puppies can run free and play together.

No dogs or owners are too old to start training, we have had huge success with dogs as mature as 10 years plus, Agility dogs are invariably well behaved, it is a complex sport which requires a high level of obedience and control from the dogs (and owners) but the main attraction for me is that it is FUN!

Many sessions end in a bit of scentwork, tracking, or flyball, dogs and owners never become bored and as far as I can see everyone has a good time.

I would love anyone to come and meet me and my dogs or to watch a training session. I now have 6 Collies and a Border terrier, my beautiful and so beloved Bluebell passed away recently leaving a huge hole in the pack and in my life. There never was such a wonderful dog, and friend, in the whole doggy world. I shall always be grateful to her for all the fun we shared together and the knowledge she so generously gave me.

June 2018.


Have fun

As dog owners we need to know how to have fun with our dogs. We can only do this if we find ways to open the dog's brain to the huge potential of enjoyable activities that training can bring. Once this clicks into place the fun begins for all concerned.


Communicate well

I can help you bond and communicate with your dog by using a few simple words, good body language and recognizing the important signals that you give to one another. Only by sharing fun times can this happen.


Keep it interesting

Whilst perfection is our goal, new exercises are not quickly learned, especially by dogs new to training. Therefore we will use various mediums to further engage your dog’s attention, hopefully seeing small improvements each session - baby steps!!! This way the dogs and owners are always interested, focused and do not get bored.


Building Trust

Establish a strong relationship with your dog, be consistent, gentle and affectionate, let him know you are there to look after him so he can remain calm and self confident, not worried or stressed about matters that should not concern him.

What the Quabbers say

" I've always had dogs but never been happy with training them. Diana has given me confidence in understanding how to move from a 'have to do this' so we can have fun whilst learning. Now we are able to communicate easily life has become such a pleasure and I can trust my dog without a second thought. Sue, Cascob "

-- Sue, Cascob

" My 2-yr old labrador Ella really enjoys her training sessions with Diana. The combination of obedience training with other fun and challenging activities keeps her thoroughly engaged and happy. We are both learning a lot without getting stressed. Ella is a natural gun dog and the games we have been learning have really helped to occupy her mind. "

-- Rosemary, Presteigne

" I have been attending training sessions with my golden Retriever, Yoda, for almost two years now,. I have no hesitation in recommending Diana Lavers as a dog trainer. Diana is highly knowledgeable, infinitely patient, reassuring and creative with the activities she plans for dogs and their owners which maximizes the enjoyment of dog owning Diana has an enduring love of dogs. Yoda truly enjoys the training. We get great value for money. Lee Moore Powys. "

-- Lee Moore Powys

" I found Diana when I got my first puppy! Not sure if I was going to get much right I wanted to make sure I did not got too much wrong. She’s such a star with an amazing gift in understand and helping animals. Taught me everything I know! My little one has turned out to be a delight in every way. The combination of training and agility made it fun for both of us. Tom Knighton "

-- Tom, Knighton

" Diana has a real love of dogs which comes through in her training sessions, I have been going to Diana for nearly a year now and my little Sprocker ( who is not the easiest to train!!) loves it, especially the Agility and Flyball. Diana has so many different skills that she brings to training, so the dog does not become bored. I would really recommend Diana, both for initial puppy training, and adult training, she can really teach an old dog " new tricks" Pat and Jen, Knighton "

-- Pat and Jen, Knighton

" Diana is a very kind and lovely lady. Nothing is too much trouble for her. One of our dogs is a rescue and Diana treats him (and us) with the patience and understanding we all need. We highly recommend Diana- we wouldn't trust anyone else with our beautiful dogs. Jackie and Dave, Knighton "

-- Jackie and Dave Knighton
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