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What the Quabbers say

Jackie and Dave, Knighton

"Diana is a very kind and lovely lady. Nothing is too much trouble for her. One of our dogs is a rescue (Sweep) and Diana treats him (and us) with the patience and understanding we all need.

When we first had our second dog, Sweep he was really anxious and shy. Training with Diana has made him a much more confident and happier dog as he has found something he's good at and can enjoy. 

We highly recommend Diana- we wouldn't trust anyone else with our beautiful dogs."


Rosemary, Presteigne

"My 2-yr old labrador Ella really enjoys her training sessions with Diana. The combination of obedience training with other fun and challenging activities keeps her thoroughly engaged and happy. We are both learning a lot without getting stressed. Ella is a natural gun dog and the games we have been learning have really helped to occupy her mind."

Lee Moore, Powys

"I have been attending training sessions with my golden Retriever, Yoda, for almost two years now,. I have no hesitation in recommending Diana Lavers as a dog trainer.  Diana is highly knowledgeable, infinitely patient, reassuring and creative with the activities she plans for dogs and their owners which maximizes the enjoyment of dog owning

Diana has an enduring love of dogs. Yoda truly enjoys the training.  We get great value for money. "

Rita and Mark, Knighton

"Aggie is my first dog, ever. It took me a long time to convince my husband that having a dog was a good idea. Once he was converted to the principle of dog ownership, I promised that we would have a very well behaved/ trained animal. Little did I realise how drastically our lives were about to change. 
We choose a beautiful cocker spaniel and named her Aunt Agatha, immediately shortened to Aggie, she was adorable and still is. I started puppy classes in a village hall, (I hadn't met Diana at this point), lovely ladies, very kind but strict, lots of excited dogs, all to my eyes keeping control of their dogs and progressing, we on the other hand seemed to be having a lovely fun time, but ever so slightly, out of control, and I ended up feeling like the Mum with the naughty child at play group.  So I stopped going and struggled on, looking for help on the Internet, reading dog training manuals. Not getting very far at all.
Luckily for me I saw an advert in the vets for Diana. I contacted her and we have truly never looked back. From the first session, when Aggie (briefly) ran away, she did that a lot then! Diana could see that Aggie hadn't bonded with me, or me with her!  Within a couple of sessions Diana had solved the bonding issue. We both loved going to see her (still do) we learnt agility, obedience, scent work (Aggie's favourite) and also made friends canine & humans! 
We still attend agility classes with Diana, just for the fun of it, is Aggie that perfectly behaved dog we wanted? Well, we think so...
Thanks you so much Diana, we couldn't have done it without you."

Tom, Knighton

“I found Diana when I got my first puppy!  Not sure if I was going to get much right I wanted to make sure I did not got too much wrong.  She’s such a star with an amazing gift in understand and helping animals.  Taught me everything I know!  My little one has turned out to be a delight in every way.   The combination of training and agility made it fun for both of us.”

Pat and Jen, Kinighton

"Diana has a real love of dogs which comes through in her training sessions, I have been going to Diana for nearly a year now and my little Sprocker ( who is not the easiest to train!!) loves it, especially the Agility and Flyball. Diana has so many different skills that she brings to training, so the dog does not become bored. I would really recommend Diana, both for initial puppy training, and adult training, she can really teach an old dog new tricks"

Val with Cody, Knighton

"Diana is a tower of strength, a true mentor, and has helped me tremendously to connect with my bad boy rescue dog. She's tackled his many issues, always with positive, imaginative coaching, endless patience and a fun sense of humour. We both enjoy our training sessions. Diana inspired and encouraged us to join the Paws For Thought display team and Cody is now a valued team member, taking part in agility and obedience displays at shows and events nationwide"

Philipa, Knigton

"For a few years now my small (and very lively) terrier Jake and I have been enjoying obedience and agility sessions with Diana.  Enjoying the training and agility together we now bond more closely which has helped to make a strong-willed little dog much more obedient.  As an ‘only dog’ he now socialises much more easily with other dogs too. The feeling of it all is friendly and fun, keeps us fit and we love it!   "

Harvey and my Owner Jill, Knighton

"Finding Diana is the best thing that my owner has done in a long time, after getting me of course. I was a teenage rebel - unfocused and unruly - but Diana has taught my owner so much. I still get one over on her occasionally, just for the fun of it, but mostly we're a team. And there's so much more than just obedience. I particularly enjoy the tracking and scent work.

Some dogs ask me why I still take my owner to see Diana now that I am nearly four. I reply that my owner still has a lot to learn, but the truth is that our sessions are such good fun why would I want to stop now?" 

Sue, Cascob

"I've always had dogs but never been happy with training them. Diana has given me confidence in understanding how to move from a 'have to do this' so we can have fun whilst learning. Now we are able to communicate easily, life has become such a pleasure and I can trust my dog without a second thought.

After two years why do I still take Pedro to training, well I've found that it keeps his mind bright and he's really eager to keep on learning. its also such a joy to see him progressing and get the most out of life "

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