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Thoughts Puppy Bonding

Bonding with Rover (your dog) Especially vital for puppies from 8 weeks of age

All dogs and puppies benefit from training at home, if you learn how to properly train such commands as the sit, stay, down, come, off, leave etc you will find Rover will be much happier and easier to live with. I am very happy if you would like to come up to the Quabbs paddock for just one session to learn how to effectively start training him.

You can however enhance the bonding you may already have between the two of you by involving him more in your life. When you go out don’t leave him at home, take him with you! To start with ask your best friends if you can take your Rover to their house, the first day would be just a walk around the garden where he can meet your friends. If that goes well the next visit would involve being allowed to come into their house, don’t stay too long, go away after 5 minutes, Rover will reflect on this over the next day or so.

Some dogs are surprisingly ill at ease and become too excited when visiting somewhere new for the first time. (male dogs may ‘mark’ the first time in a different house) Slowly build up your visits to last a little longer each time, take his bed and favourite toy when he is relaxed and enjoys the visits. When this is working well ask another friend if you can visit.

All dogs will benefit from these bonding exercises, you will have a well mannered and sociable pet who knows how to behave when he goes out, thus putting in place the start of a really worthwhile relationship between you.

Keep an eye out for Thoughts 2, more bonding exercises.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the above, email diana@quabbscaninecapers.co.uk

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