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Joining Instructions

Please Bring

You will be sent a confirmation email that provides you details of when, where and at what time your class will start. No one can join the class without this. Do bring the following please.

A collar for your dog – no choke chains, halties etc – just a straightforward collar!

A longish lead (6’ is good) No extending leads or slip leads please

A good treat bag – you cannot dispense treats out of a polythene bag kept in your pocket! You need one that is attached round your waist and will easily open and shut, magnets are better than hinges.

Lots and I mean lots of good treats (very small pieces of cut up cheese, cooked chicken, liver, ox heart, whatever your dog really loves.) Note: your dog will no doubt eat treats that have been mass produced and come out of a bag and you will think he likes them, but he WILL NOT WORK HARD for them, training does require a lot of hard work on the part of you and your dog. So do not skimp this please You will be amazed at the difference in his response when he is given something really yummy!

A clicker – if you do not have one hopefully my order will have arrived and you can buy one of these very cheaply.

Poo bags

Your dog’s vaccination card (if I have not already seen it)

Please arrive 10 minutes early at the first session so your dog has time to acclimatize and settle

Make sure you find time to walk your dog so he can poo etc before coming to the training

Where you can buy the required equipment

Amazon – Dogwise Doggone Good Treat Bag (more expensive but by far the best bag on the market, and it doesn’t break!
http://www.traininglines.co.uk/doggone-good-rapid-rewards-training-treat-pouch.html these are cheaper at the moment than Amazon

The Mikki bags look good and are cheap but the hinges break very quickly.

Amazon: dog leads 6' is good for loose lead walking

KP dogleads are good and cheap, but if your dog pulls badly you should also buy a suitable harness. As your pup is growing it would be sensible to get a cheapish harness, try and get one with a ring on the back and one on the chest, you can then use this as a kind no pull harness. A lead with a clip on each end works well with these. When the dogs are grown get a really good quality and make. We can discuss this in the session.

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