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Training Benefits

Training Benefits

Creating Fun

A dogs nature is to work alongside us so without proper things to do they can become bored. Instead of having a job to do most of our dogs are left alone while we work or are out keeping busy in retirement. When we get home we feed them and go on a walk. That’s great for couch potatoes, but many of our dogs are left with a lot of excess energy at the end of the day. They need activities to occupy both their bodies and minds. They need to be able to have some fun !! Quabbs will show you how to do this

Building Confidence

Does your dog show signs of being anxious, sometimes fearful or perhaps shy. Then you need to help your companion build its confidence so that life isn’t so stressful. Even the most basic of training will help them and as real confidence grows they can enjoy the natural relationship with other dogs and learn new skills that allows both of you to have fun together. We will help assess your dog to see where they need help to build confidence and explain what’s how you can spot the signs of stressful behavior.

Providing Fitness

Exercise in puppies has to be done with care so we will help build the program with complete respect to their size and showing you what to observe so you don’t over exercise them. For your dog we help you understand the best form of exercise for its build and age. Our agility, games and walks are built to help them build strength and stamina safely. We will also advise you on the best foods for your companion.

Working Together

Through training and attention to when your dog looses its confidence you will build the most wonderful and rewarding relationships. It will become uncomplicated and both of you will feel at ease whatever situation you find yourself in. So do join us so we can help you make this marvelous journey.

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